Morning Writers!  Did any of you—as I did—create your first lofty poems and stories, hoping to inspire readers with your lofty phrases?  Lofty, lofty, wordy, wordy, I wrote, suffering from the epitome of picturesque prose.

So I hunkered down and studied the craft of writing.  Learning the genuine hard work of revising, restructuring and rewriting took some serious commitment.  It also helped me realize I had a knack for guiding other writers toward better structure and honing their own unique styles.  What a surprise.  I ended up writing more FOR writers than sharing my own lofty ideas, lofty creations, or lofty revelations.

And yet… along the way you all have done exactly those things.  Today it is such a treat to be a miniscule part of your hard word and inspiration.  Your good news of sharing your latest successes makes my grandma heart swell.  Here’s to believing even better creations are beneath your fingertips as you tappeta images, emotion and realities for all of us to disappear into–and emerge out of as better people.