What others are saying about Robyn


“I’ve seen the difference Robyn can make. Her knowledge and insights are amazing.”
–Thomas B. Sawyer, head screenwriter for Murder She Wrote and other television programs, author of The Sixteenth Man


“Robyn Conley is one of those rare talents who instinctively knows how to improve a sentence, paragraph or chapter. She also knows the contemporary marketplace—who’s buying what, what options authors have, and what trends are affecting the publishing industry. I have no hesitation in recommending Robyn as a workshop presenter. She’s always willing to share her insights with others. Take advantage of it. You won’t regret it.” 
–Ray Newton, Director of Reader’s Digest Writing Workshops, author of numerous articles and retired instructor from Northern Arizona University


“Robyn Conley always receives top ratings on evaluations from participants who attend her workshops and presentations. The Austin Writer’s League is fortunate to have access to her special talents and skills. Her most recent workshop was considered one of the best of the conference. When a writing group or workshop planner is looking for an expert on the topic of manuscript evaluation, the Austin Writer’s League never hesitates to recommend Robyn.”
–Angela Smith, former Executive Director, Austin Writer’s League


“Everyone in the San Angelo Writer’s club was well pleased. First and foremost, she focused on getting the writer published. Anyone who follows her recommendations WILL wind up with a professional manuscript that at least stands a chance of selling.”
–Ken Hodgson, past President of the San Angelo Writer’s Club


“We’ve had manuscript reviewers at our conferences before with mediocre results. This attitude abruptly changed with Robyn’s appearance. She proved very knowledgeable and helpful in her reviews. Her methods were sound and productive. Probably her best attribute and most important for our conference: she seemed to care both about the manuscript and the person who wrote it. Participants felt like they had hours’ worth of information and insight into their writing abilities.”
–Will Miller, 1996 President of the Houston Manuscriptor’s Guild


“Based on Robyn’s excellent and thorough critiques, I sold my contemporary romance myself and later found literary representation by submitting my mainstream novel.”
–Dar Tomlinson, Scottsdale, AZ, Hemingway Award Winner and author of numerous published books including, Broken, A Risk of Rain, and Designing Passion


“Robyn Conley is the best bargain an aspiring writer can get. She’s informed, she’s thorough—merciless, actually—and she guides the writer through the rough waters of early training so the creative process can take over and pay off.”
–Gwen Choate, Abilene, TX, Career author of western novels, romance novels, and advertising copy


“Robyn’s self-confidence and honesty made me trust her. I rewrote the story and it won first place at Southwest Writers Workshop conference. Now a top book editor, top agent, and a top movie director have my manuscript under consideration.”
–Grace Cooley, Knoxville, TN, author of Lost in Silence and Forgot


“I certainly appreciate all the help Robyn gave me. I felt I had an in-depth course in . . . well, just about everything about writing. I’m itching to start another project!”
–E.J. Phillips, Santa Fe, NM, author of Woman: What She Has Done With Where She Has Been


“Doc Conley helped me cure my novel’s numerous grammatical blunders and noticed my characters suffered from a common speech impediment. She showed me a simple technique to give their dialogue movement, unique voice, and believable brevity. Robyn has the ear of poet, the eye of an English professor, and the sensitivity of a children’s author.”
–Ron Jones, Carlsbad, NM, author of The Dwarf and the Demon Tongue and Black Breath of the Lutron


“Robyn excels in the field of Book Doctoring. Her recommendations for making your manuscript saleable are precise and to the point. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is most encouraging. You get the feeling your work is as important to her as it is to you.”
-Dorothy Reynolds, San Diego, CA, Career Journalist


“Without the Book Doctor, A Mouth Full of Shell would not exist. She took the first draft and helped me find the rough patches that would turn a publisher off. But in that process she never, never disturbed my characters or plot. By putting her critiques in the form of questions that begin with ‘can you,’ ‘might you,’ or ‘is it possible to’, Ms. Conley held up a mirror to my pages so I could see them more clearly. Because of these qualities, she was a joy to work with, and an editor to cherish.”
–Connie Gotsch, Farmington, NM, author of A Mouth Full of Shell