FAQ / Rates


This paragraph is written in Courier font, 12-point. To submit pages for the free critique – or at any time – you must use Courier font, 12-point, double-spaced format. This enables me to have one pay-scale for every writer, and quite frankly, it’s easy on the aging eyes, as well as gives me plenty of scribbling room for all the notes and comments I leave on your pages.

And yes, I leave LOTS of comments.

If you send pages via the mail, you’ll need to send an SASE for return of those pages. My address is:
Robyn Conley
6376 County Road 252
Clyde, TX 79510
Please use this same address for Fed/Ex or UPS.

Of course, you can always email your pages as an attachment to robconbookdoc@gmail.com.

The cost per page is $2.50. You can send as few or as many pages as you prefer. Many of my clients send a chapter or two at a time as their budgets allow. Just include a check with your pages, and please remember to also include an SASE for return of your work.My usual turnaround time is 1-2 weeks, unless I’ve just had a conference and I’m swamped.

What I look for when I read your work:
 -Anything that might make an editor or agent say “nah.” Some issues are minor, some might need a bit more work.

-For fiction, I’m going to look at setting, character, conflict, dialogue, plot progression, and marketability.

-For non-fiction, I’m searching for theme and meat to back up that theme, no matter what the topic.

Whatever the genre, I’m going to point out problem areas in structure, consistency, industry format, and whatever else I can think of to give your prose the advantage in today’s tough market.

Yes, you can resend a section I’ve suggested you revise at no extra cost. You can email me at any time with any question. I certainly hope you do!


Send me a post! I’d love to learn about your writing.