Books by Robyn Conley

Robyn’s published titles include a diversity of topics, such as the biographies: John Grisham, Cartoonists, Alexander G. Bell, as well as these juvenile reference books: Meerkats; Depression; Motion Pictures; and The Automobile.  She has sold to major magazines, such as The Writer, Writer’s Digest, ABA: Student Lawyer, Victory! The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and many others.

Before You Publish: A Wellness Check-Up
Offers tips for self-editing and submitting, along with query, synopsis and book proposal help.

The Healthy Writer’s Handbook
Writers of any genre will learn to welcome a scribe’s various stages of creativity, production, and research.

Insights from the Job Site
Devotions with full-color photos for blue collar workers.

Insights from the Job Site
Devotions with full-color photos for blue collar workers.

Insights from the Job Site
Devotions with full-color photos for blue collar workers.

Write Your Life Story: Beyond the Branches REVISED
Prompts to help organize and jot down each person’s life story.

What Really Matters to Me
A journal that helps people discover their goals, and then offers practical tips to make those dreams come true.

Motion Pictures
Explores the development and emergence of motion pictures from the early days of still imagery to today’s modern technology of DVDs and satellite TV.

The Color Me Bible
A 150 page chronological text overview of the Bible with full-page coloring book pictures.

Pray the Bible with Paper and Pen
A guidebook to help build intimate conversations with the Lord, for those who might be a bit shy about praying out loud.

Discusses the lives and achievements of seven cartoonists who have made a major impact on society through their art and wit: Mort Walker, Chuck Jones, Charles Schulz, Garry Trudeau, Cathy Guisewite, Matt Groening, and Scott Adams.

The Automobile
Introduces young readers to revolutionary inventions and emphasizes the impact the inventions had upon life at the time of their creation and beyond, exploring the inventions’ cultural significance and the patterns of change that resulted.

Alexander Graham Bell
Modern day life without the telephone is unimaginable and the story of the telephone’s invention is impossible to tell without mention of the work of Alexander Graham Bell.

John Grisham
John Grisham’s name has become a synonym for blockbuster. This title follows his life and his growth from obscure lawyer to best-selling author.

Introduces the meerkat’s physical characteristics, habits, food, and relationship to humans.