Spring Writing to Fall Goals

You writers are so creative, both with your words and your watermelon stories.  Enjoy these musings from last week’s prompt and be sure to ponder our Chatter-Publicist Stephanie Barko’s invitation at the end of this Chat.  The timing of her invitation is why this issue is going out mid-week.

Besides munching watermelon, what other ways do you stay cool during these dog days of summer–maybe in a pool?  Hey, next time maybe you could share your first swimming memories.  In a YMCA pool?  In a hotel pool on vacation?  Tossed overboard on a fishing trip?  I remember as a kid in Butte, Montana, hearing our mom say, “No, you have to wait until it’s at least in the 60s to go swimming.”  Now, that’s a cool summer, let me tell you!

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