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Making Good Stories Great–Takes Guts!

GUTSShows writers how to heighten the necessary story basics to make characters, style, and focus of their work shine and sell!

Self-Editing Without Self-Destructing

self_editingTips for beefing up the synopsis without losing the marrow of a manuscript. Writers crave insight into writing a saleable synopsis. My clients have sold books on the synopses I’ve helped them revise.

Writing for the Juvenile Market

JuvenileAn insider’s look from someone who’s had success in that area, with seven books sold to major juvenile publishers, including the only authorized biography of John Grisham, and two with Scholastic.

What the Heck is POV?

WTHPOVAn easy to comprehend overview along with interactive exercises to help invigorate the emotional camera of the characters.

Curing Purple Prose

proseHow to recognize when too much fluff makes a manuscript rough and unmarketable and tips on exorcising bloated passages.

Staying out of the Dungeon

dungeonEven when writers start progressing in their careers it’s hard to stay focused on what really matters and to justify the time required to keep their writing a top priority.

Non-fiction Book Proposals

nonfiction101Detailed how-to workshop for putting together a book proposal that will warrant a second look from editors and agents.

Recycle and Resell

recycle_resellInteractive discussion where I help writers brainstorm additional marketing ideas from research they’ve already gathered by showing how I’ve done it myself with the John Grisham research.

Spiritual Workshopslifestorywritewaytogoddontstressspiritjournal

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Robyn’s Spiritual Workshops.

Spiritual Journaling: Why 'Selfish' Is NOT A Four Letter Word

spiritjournalLearn how writing tips can help you choose goals that are good for you AND the people who demand much from you.

Don't Stress Out, Write it Out!

dontstressAs therapists know, writing works for reducing stress and organizing thoughts. Robyn shows you how to make it a practical part of your day.

The Write Way to God

writewaytogodWhether teens or seniors, those attending this workshop will learn a closer relationship to God is only a pad and pen away.

Writing and Scrapping Your Life History

lifestoryJournal prompts and scrapping hints for detailing your own personal history to give a gift for your family.

New Life Journaling / Scrapbooking Workshops

To coincide with the release of her new book, BEYOND THE BRANCHES: Writing and Scrapping Your Complete Family Tree, Robyn is offering hour long tips about writing your life history.  Classes include a copy of the book along with hands-on, interactive exercises that help folks organize and record their most meaningful life moments, as well as record important family member information in a chronological order.